Catholic Church overpowering U.S. government?

This episode of the Alyona Show features a look at the Catholic Church strong arming politicians into adopting policies following their religious doctrine. Then Alyona discusses the record budget deficit in the U.S. and how it affects Obama’s trip to Asia and his attitude in approaching China, as Josh Rogen from Foreign Policy Magazine adds his thoughts. Also, in the days following Lou Dobbs resignation from CNN, does this signal a trend in American Mainstream Media, where no room is left for straightforward reporting? Alyona and the Slutsky twins discuss whether the only way to get ratings is to turn into a radical television host. Alyona follows up with John Pike to get a different view on Obama’s trip to China. Then, a shocking shift in money flow: Family members in Mexico are now wiring money to their relatives in the U.S. to help them stay afloat.