Can Obama sell his Afghanistan strategy to Americans?

This episode of The Alyona Show features a prospectus on Barack Obama’s speech to Americans, announcing his plans for Afghanistan. As 55% of Americans disapprove of the way he handles the war, Alyona talks to Walter Rodgers to see if it’s too late for a sales pitch. Then, Alyona highlights Obama’s announcement to tour the U.S. , calling it “White House to Main Street”. The tour, might turn out to be a nightmare. Also, Alyona talks about the possibility of a Value Added Tax being implemented in the U.S. Reports have come out about a secret detention center the U.S. military is using in Afghanistan, despite Obama promising to close them. Then, a new video game aims to teach young children about the crisis in Darfur. Alyona discusses whether the end of Wikipedia is near, as 49,000 volunteer editors abandon the website. Also, NASA announces that there may be scientific proof that there is life on Mars.