Brazilians Actually Like Their Gov’t

Brazilians are having trouble choosing their next leader despite a push by the outgoing president to line up a successor. Dilma Rousseff fell just short of becoming the country's first female president in the first round and now faces opposition leader Jose Serra in a runoff. RT’s Lauren Lyster explained how these days it seems unusual to see candidates running on a continuation of the current government's policies, but that's exactly what we're seeing in Brazil. She described the change that the people are finally seeing and how they are happy with their government.

Then, while the One Nation rally may have shown that the progressive movement in this country isn't dead, there was still something missing, the young people who turned out in record numbers to elect Barack Obama and believed in the words "hope" and "change". So, where have they all gone? Eric J. Jones, Executive Vice President of DC Young Democrats explained the difference between this rally and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s approaching rallies. He said there’s a difference between entertainment and politics and these hosts will attract more people because of the spectacle.

Is Glenn Beck afraid of RT? Beck held another Tea Party rally in New Jersey, but this time he had trouble filling the seats at the venue. RT's Marina Portnaya revealed that she was asked to turn off her camera at one point possibly because the turnout was so embarrassing. She also explained that the MC of the event, Radio Host David Webb announced on stage that RT was there and Putin was watching, even though RT was the only station there that was talking to the people in attendance.

Is Europe in a battle between the haves and the have not’s? The rich parliamentarians in the UK, telling the poor that they needed to tighten their belts? Or is this just a dose of reality, a necessary evil, for which the spoiled masses, aren't ready? Ben Cohen, the Editor of The Daily Banter explained that the spending cuts in the UK will completely destroy an entire population. He said they want to cut child care for children up to 19 years old. He discussed UK’s realistic view and whether he thinks London will cut defense spending.

And, a new Sex study is out and it’s the largest nationally representative survey on sexual health ever performed speaking to everyone from 14 to 94 year old. Wonkette blogger Sara Benincasa explained that to end the night on a good night, a lot of women may just have to fake it. She also explained that today the back-door has become more de-stigmatized.