Everyone wants to bomb Iran?

­WikiLeaks dumps twenty-five thousand more cables to newspapers across the globe but this time, they're cables from diplomats. Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer discusses how these cables are foreshadowing geopolitical firestorms. And The Daily Banter's Ben Cohen compares the WikiLeaks fallout to the previous leaks from the whistle blower website. Next, is justice really fair in America? AlterNet’s Joshua Holland weighs in. Then, Will Potter discusses the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun, but do we need to raise a white flag if world leaders are blowing off climate talks, and the media has hardly mentioned the week long summits? And, K2 has been immediately classified as a highly abusive "schedule 1 drug" above other substances like cocaine, Valium and opium. Reason Magazine editor seems to think this classification is extreme, and we'll give him a chance to speak his minds at the end of the show.