The Alyona Show: Kidnap and Torture, Legal?


Since taking office President Obama has invoked the use of torture and rendition several times. Now the assistant general counsel at the CIA is arguing that rendition is perfectly legal. ACLU’s Ben Wizner weighs in. Next, Ron Paul will be assuming the new role as head of the House Subcommittee for Domestic Monetary Policy, Reason Magazine's Anthony Randazzo discussed whether the US would be ending the Fed anytime soon. Then, a shocking number of college students admit to taking Adderall to help them study but, can they do anything without a pill to help them? Next, Newsweek rated the top 50 most influential people in the media according to the amount of money they rake in per year and there are four right wing pundits topping off the list. And finally, YouTube has started banning videos by Anwar al-Awaki for inciting hate speech, but since the video will be just as accessible on hundreds of sites across the world, is this just a symbolic move?