The Alyona Show: Out of Space

May 14 was the final launch of the space shuttle Atlantis and the beginning of the end for the US Space Shuttle program. After the Atlantis mission, only two more missions are scheduled. So, will the end of the shuttle program be seen as the end to American superiority in what was once a space race? Alyona discusses with commercial space pioneer Jeffrey Manber.

As investigators continue to look into details on the failed Times Square bombing, officials have learned that suspect Faisal Shahzad used "Hawala" to finance his attack. So what is Hawala, who uses, and how does it work? Alyona discusses with Nihad Awad, the Executive Director of the Council of American Islamic Relationships.

Then, earlier this week, the Obama administration released their National Strategy for Drug Control. And it turned out that their rhetoric encouraging a switch from enforcement to treatment and prevention didn't match the figures of how much funding was allotted to each. Now US drug czar Gil Kerlikowske has come out and publicly admitted that the drug war can be seen as a failure. So is this just more rhetoric? Alyona discusses with Michael Whitney from FireDogLake.

Finally,  people are turning against Facebook. But will they delete their profiles? Obama's supreme court pick plays softball. But is she a lesbian? The oil leak is actually 10 times worse than BP wants to admit. But who's counting? And, the New York Times will start charging for it's content next January. But who's gonna read it? Here to discuss it with Alyona are Matt and Peter Slutsky, the founders of DoubleSpeak Media.