The Alyona Show: MSNBC’s Identity Crisis

A press conference was held to announce Viktor Bout's arrival in New York City and RT’s Anastasia Churkina explained what we can expect from the trial. Next, it seems as if MSNBC can't decide whether or not to embrace its partisan side led by Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow or go back to its days as an objective news network. Mediabistro's TVNewser weighed in on MSNBC's identity crisis. And, the Tea Party and Progressives have come together to protest the growing defense budget. Then, it looks like the New START Treaty has come to a standstill, so are Republicans willing to put our national security at risk for a political victory? And, we all know that the US has a tumultuous relationship with Cuba and the recent shake up in Congress doesn't signal that we'll be getting any cozier. An investigative journalist who just returned from Cuba explained.