The Alyona Show: Obama’s Foreign Policy in Trouble?


The US midterm election results will affect President Obama’s foreign policy goals, from withdrawing troops in Afghanistan to closing Guantanamo Bay and ratifying the new START Treaty. Dr. Lawrence Korb explained how the US is already over extended and how the results will affect this.

And, after the most expensive midterm election in US history, the real winners are the corporations that financed them. AlterNet's economics editor Zach Carter explained how corporations spent a lot more money than unions and how foreign money is being spent on US elections.

The rich and famous of Hollywood are sent to luxurious rehabs that are more like five star resorts than treatment facilities. And yet the Lindsay Lohan's of the bunch seem like they’re always going back. In other places in the world there’s a different method, kidnapping and tough love. Tina Dupuy, the co-editor of Mediabisto's FishbowlLA weighed in.

Then, in an effort to boost the economy, the Federal Reserve announced a second round of bond buying that they’re calling QE2. They plan to buy $600 billion dollars worth of long-term government bonds by the middle of 2011 to further drive down rates on mortgages and other debt. RT’s Lauren Lyster explained the average American simply won’t benefit from this plan.