The Alyona Show (Halloween Edition): Alyona as Glenn Beck!


It’s our Halloween episode and The Alyona Show has turned into the Glenn Beck Program on FOX News and Alyona is in character as the TV host himself! Check out this spooky show where Alyona as Beck, pin points some of the evils lurking in the corners of the government's agenda.

Channeling Glenn Beck:

It's so obvious that having a currency not backed by any standard; having a country that no longer manufactures, but depends on exports is bad. How, after all of that, can anyone question, investing in gold. RT correspondent Lauren Lyster weighed in on the value of Gold.

Also, the young people in America are turning away from God and more aren’t even affiliating with a religion at all. Our religious founding fathers built this country up so will the American youth now bring it down? And, the Obama administration slips a fringe group of progressive bloggers into the White House to hold private meetings to discuss their radical agendas. This progressive blogger love fest makes you wonder what the administration promised them.

Then, New Jersey Governor Chris Christy stood up and said loud and clear that he’s addicted to federal money and stood up to his dealer and said No more! Christy told the transportation secretary that NJ can’t afford a three billion dollar public works’ project. Thom Hartmann, host of RT’s The Big Picture commented on the matter.

And, Michelle Bachmann, as Comedian Sara Benincasa, is a true patriot who remembers our fundamental values, who hasn’t been corrupted by the Washington system. She joined Beck (Alyona) to create their democracy stew and they’re ready to take America back!