Bernanke 100% confident, really?!

Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Bank, Ben Bernanke, was sounding very confident in his abilities to stop inflation during an interview on 60 Minutes, but we can't help wondering whether he's a bit delusional. Next, Americans are being tracked through their credit cards. Christopher Soghoian obtained these documents; he explains how the government is able to track Americans without warrants. Then, the government advises students not to view WikiLeaks because it might affect their future careers. Next from Fiji, the water that comes in the designer label actually comes from a country where clean water is considered a luxury most cannot afford. AlterNet’s editor, who has been following the issue closely, provides more information on this troubling story. And, a Texas court began a hearing today to determine whether the death penalty is unconstitutional, though it seems strange, considering the state leads the US when it comes to capital punishment.