DC wheelchair victim, GOOOH, Utah gold standard, Patriot Act

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Thank you, thank you, thank you. According to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel, as quoted in the Washington Post, after we were told that no one from the Metro Authority would be speaking to the media until after the investigation, “We’ve certainly heard from the public about it.” And it has been announced that the absurd assault charges against the victim of the wheelchair police assault have been dropped. Adam has more on that and talks to Tim Cox from GOOOH to explain how G – O – O – O – H (get out of our house) is NOT actually pronounced "goo." Rand Paul, despite being the subject of absurd attacks from silly lefties, is standing up for their rights, too! He's been doing his best to stop the un-Patriot Act. And Utah goes for the gold… money, that is. Adam catches up with Stefan Molyneux to explain how this means the end of democracy (that's a good thing.) Long live the Republic! That is, until the necessary evil of government is no longer necessary. You're watching Adam vs. the Man.