Conservative civil war (war of Neocon aggression), Stephan Kinsella: At least patents eventually expire, Obama is a disappoint-mint!, government denies Facebook “friend” requests

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Adam gives an update on the police killing of Kelly Thomas as new evidence against the cops is released on the internet. Plus, parents defend the Atlanta schools involved in the massive cheating scandal and in Missouri, it is now illegal for students and teachers to be Facebook friends. And, Adam covers the conservative civil war and explains what exactly that means. Plus, Jake Diliberto and Luke Rudkowski chat about Donald Rumsfeld, a Lithuanian mayor and cocaine. Mike Adams has the latest on a Rawesome raid conducted by LAPD and the LA County Department of Agriculture, and Adam explains the victory for organic farmers against Monsanto. Plus, Stephan Kinsella, senior fellow, Ludwig von Mises Institute, tells Adam why drug prices are plummeting. And, Obama is a disappointment, but not for the reason you may think!