Palin, Texas & TSA, G8, immigration vs. free market

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Despite the fact that an estimated 28.16 million viewers tuned in to last night's season finale of “American Idol,” there were still important things going on in the world. In Texas, the state legislature folded on its challenge to the TSA's authority, and Governor Rick Perry might be running for president. Sarah Palin, the lovable derelict, is also inching closer to running, and the G8is meeting in France! Kevin DeAnna of Youth for Western Civilization joins Adam in studio to tell you why today's Supreme Court ruling on Arizona's immigration law – not the police-state one, the anti-business one – is good for Western civilization! Plus, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink joins Adam and Jake to discuss why people protest the G8 and Luke Rudkowski checks in live from France!