The freest state in the union, Voluntarists for Ron Paul, free talk live media empire, cop-blocking in a Free State

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: It’s the first-ever episode of Adam vs. the Man in front of a live studio audience as Adam takes the show on the road to Porcfest in Lancaster, New Hampshire. He sits down with Chris Lawless of the Free State Project ( and a couple getting ready to move to the freest state in the union! Stefan Molyneux and Ernest Hancock of debate what it means to be politically engaged. Plus, Ian Freeman and Mark Edge from explain how they built their media empire and have some good advice for those of you looking to start your own empire! And, Ademo Freeman and Peter Eyre of share some of their run-ins with cops. You can tell your stories, too, by logging on to their website!