Healthy living, F the police, rapture update, GOP 2012, Putin for president

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: You might have missed it, but the rapture actually happened on Saturday! Unfortunately, since we're all human, no one was saved and life will probably carry on as normal – except for Harold Camping and Family Radio Worldwide. Actually, it will probably be normal for them too: everyone still thinks they're idiots. Joining Adam tonight for a special interview on healthy living, his friend and hardcore activist, author, and entrepreneur Joby Weeks is in the studio. Obama announced on Sunday that he still cares more about Israel's economy than ours. Adam explains why and gives you an update on the GOP presidential hopefuls with the help of Luke Rudkowski, as well as the NEW, well, not so new, presidential candidate from Russia: Vladimir, "Pooty Poot" Putin is in the race again! Oh! And did you see the guy in DC get pulled out of his wheelchair and slammed on his face on the sidewalk? When it happened, no one even tried to stop the attackers! Can you guess who they were? Ademo Freeman of COPblock dot org joins Adam to say what YOU can do about it.