Romney raises money out of thin air?, Schooling Liberals: Kokesh VS Matt Damon & Lawrence O'Donnell, Jay Noone: How to NOT pay property taxes, Dan McCarthy: State of the American Conservative

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: A New-York based company shuts down after donating millions to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. And Rachel Maddow fails to understand fundamental economics. But don’t worry, we have Dan McCarthy, Editor-in-Chief of “The American Conservative” to explain the state of today’s economy and the state of today’s conservative.  Plus, Adam schools the liberals giving Matt Damon and Lawrence O’Donnell a lesson on education and partisanship issues. Adam calls out Chris Rock for what he did and didn’t do at Obama’s birthday party and Al Gore calls for an American Spring. Plus, Jay Noone, Property Tax Nonparticipant, explains to Adam how he avoids paying property taxes.