Legality of declaring war, police role in society, confronting cops

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh:

Until the 20th century, travelers had to worry about individuals who would hide behind shrubbery and under bridges, waiting to jump out and stop them, to intimidate them, and to take their money. Back then they were called highwaymen, bandits, desperadoes. In tales of fantasy, they were usually called trolls. Today? We call 'em cops. So how do you fight back against illegal conduct by so-called "law enforcement officers?"  With truth, accountability – and video cameras.

Professional rabble-rouser Luke Rudkowski joins Adam for a special segment about confronting armed abusers of authority, and Luke and Adam talk to Robert Wanek, a 17 year old from Minnesota who was illegally detained by corrupt Wahpeton police officer Dustin Hill.

And later, Luke and Adam talk to Ademo Freeman of But first, Adam sits down with the author of “A Return to Common Sense,” Tom Mullen, and then we get a proper understanding of just who the men in the blue costumes with guns really are, with none other than Stefan Molyneux.