Ron Paul builds steam in Iowa, Irvin Rosenfeld: Pot from the feds, Democracy is bad for minorities, God & Jake tell Rick Perry to shut up

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: It’s D-8 days until default day and politicians are starting to point the finger. Plus, Seton Motley of Less Government explains why cut, cap and balance is the option – the least bad debt-ceiling option. And Ron Paul scores big in Iowa as Cory Adams, Story County GOP chair, endorses his presidential bid. Plus, Jake Diliberto weighs in on Rick Perry’s call to prayer and Glenn Beck compares the camps in Norway to Hitler youth camps. But what about his his very own 9-12 project? And Adam talks to Irvin Rosenfeld, author of the book “My Medicine.” And guess what – he gets his weed from the government!