Obama Surprise: Golfing with Boehner, "not cool," liberty fefined: Ron Paul wins RLC poll, Lindsay Graham loses 2014 Senate race, NATO kills civilians, causes terrorism

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Obama and Boehner spend the afternoon working together on their golf game! Lindsey Graham thinks all GOP candidates are left of Obama and Ron Paul wins the RLC Straw Poll in New Orleans by a landslide. NATO airstrike “accidentally” hits residential area, killing Libyan civilians, and Iraq Veterans Against the War fight to prevent the deployment of troops suffering from PTSD. Plus, it’s Stefan Molyneux versus global warming! So, who will win? And thousands hit the streets of Spain to protests austerity measures being implemented by the Spanish government. Plus, Jake Diliberto joins Adam for This One Time at Boot Camp! And viewers lobby for Adam vs. The Man to become an hour-long show! Let him know what you think, he may read your comments next time on You the Viewer.