Take back Independence Day, BART shooter on the loose!, Bitcoins: digital currency of the future?, Be afraid of your neighbor!

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Independence Day is right around the corner, but not everyone is excited for fireworks and watermelon. Adam explains why he doesn’t want to celebrate this year. Plus, Obama hopes those he bailed out on Wall Street will help him get reelected. This, as the president heads to Puerto Rico in an attempt to woo the Hispanic vote. And the FBI rewrites their rulebook, giving them more power to push privacy boundaries. DC residents stand up against police brutality and one cop in California goes free after killing an unarmed man. Stefan Molyneux gives us a glimpse into what the currency of the future may look like, and Luke Rudkowski has the lowdown on what happened at Bilderberg. Plus, not everyone got an invitation to attend the “wide open” GOP debate hosted by CNN. And we’ll show you how one viewer would defend himself against a zombie apocalypse!