4th Amendment, Wasteful government spending, Policing for profit

Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh:

Your government is broke. But don't worry! Obama won't have to sell anything or even raise taxes, at least not directly, to keep government spending at current levels – he's just going to steal your retirement!  Adam explains just what the President thinks is more important than not stealing and Adam is joined by Political Science PhD and Professor at Occidental College, Caroline Heldman, and Stephen Skolnick, who is organizing a rally in Indiana to protest a state supreme court decision.

Then, a special presentation from Luke Rudkowski about the Chicken Whisperer in Georgia.

Adam knows talking about economic exploitation by the government can get tedious at times, but at some point, in trying to re-recruit American youth, the Obama campaign is going to run into, "We'd love to help, and thanks to the high unemployment, we've got plenty of time, but now that we understand a little bit about economics, we're supporting Ron Paul."