D-15: Obama's deadline doesn't matter to GOP, Skipping bus fare punishable by death, GOP kills own future, Stefan Molyneux: Debt limit dance

GOP leaders ignore Obama’s weekend deadline making today D-15 days until the U.S. defaults. Plus, Stefan Mloyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, gives his thoughts on the debt debates. San Francisco police shoot and kill a teenager after finding out he didn’t pay to ride public transportation and a mob attacks a Chinese police station so paramilitary police stage their own attack killing hostages. And TSA agent gets a taste of her own medicine. Brian Miller, Former Chairman, Pima County GOP, tells Adam why he is no longer the chairman. And Ron Paul receives the largest amount of donations from active-duty military. Plus, an online campaign asks women to take their clothes off in support of the Russian Prime Minister. And Adam reads viewer comments. Tell him what you think about the show and he may read your comment on air!