Irrelevance of Robert Gates, Pakistan, Israel and ‘Defense Spending’

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Secretary of Defense Robert Gates made his last speech as such today, and AVTM military analyst Jake Diliberto was all over it like white on rice, as we would say in the Marines. You'll get all the military fetishism you could possibly want out of him today! Adam and Jake also cover recent events in Pakistan, a government that seems to be at war with its own people. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a speech today before a joint session of Congress, and was followed by a representative of Palestine, oh wait, no… Palestine doesn't have a lobby that owns half of Congress! David Swanson of joins Adam for his take, and Mattie Corrao of Americans for Tax Reform is in studio to give the scoop on how the "defense" authorization bill is being abused by Congress. Adam has updates on the Metro Transit Police phone flood, and the “next” end of the world. You'll want to mark your calendars.