Disobedient Dancers Victorious! French Really Do Hate Freedom, War on YOUth, NYPD Blew, BofA PWNED, Troops STILL dying in Iraq

Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh:  Adam returns to the Jefferson Memorial along with his supporters where he stared down the police state and they apparently accepted his challenge to a dance-off. In the end Adam and his dancing friends were victorious with their non-violent message. The amount of support for ‘United We Dance’ is growing. Adam talks about the growing list of cities around the US and the world that supported his cause. Adam also talks about the French restricting commercial enterprises from being promoted on news programs. This means it will now be illegal to promote social websites like, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in that country. Really? Are the French that clueless about economics and competition? Then the US government's war on youth and disregard for the rights of people too young to vote continues in Hastings, Minnesota, where city leaders are considering the installation of a screeching device that's supposedly only detectable to younger adults and children. Ouch! Plus the NYPD Blew is taking on a new meaning. And a Florida family fights back and wins against Bank of America’s attempt to foreclose on their home. And don’t miss a special guest panel with Jake Diliberto and Stephen Molyneux.