A model of police restraint, Ademo Freeman and Pete Eyre: felony wiretapping charges beaten!, bike vs. plane, the blogging/embezzling sheriff

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Only 12 days until the US defaults, and there’s still no deal in sight.

Plus, it’s a race between a bike and a plane. So which mode of transportation is faster? And breaking news… police respect open carry!

Plus, Luke is back in town, but still has a lot to tell about his trip! So, here’s his update from Amsterdam. Plus, Adam talks to Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman from CopBlock.org about just beating wiretapping charges, and a former New Mexico sheriff faces jail time for selling county property on eBay.  Plus it’s that time! Adam reads viewer comments. Tell him what you think about the show, and he may read your comment on air!