Too bad you can't drive the Humvee back from Afghanistan, paid to not go to college, pay up or else, DOE sends in SWAT, illegal tender

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Delta Airlines is making money off US troops coming home from Afghanistan by making them pay for their extra luggage. Too bad the troops can’t drive that Humvee back from Afghanistan instead of flying! And, it’s Facebook versus the First Amendment. Find out how to keep the government out of your Facebook profile. Plus, Adam will talk to Leslie Harris of DFW School-Free Education Zone and speak to two former students who actually wanted to be home-schooled. And hear why one man was charged with illegal conduct after paying a medical bill entirely in pennies! Plus, make sure you pay off those student loans, because if you don’t, a SWAT team may show up at your house. And what if you could get paid to not go to college? Well, there’s a scholarship fund out there for you. And finally, Adam will go through some famous college dropouts, so tune in because dropping out of college may be the best thing for your career.