DC Metro: Redefining crappy service, Obama's a DICK! Obama still getting troops killed in Iraq, UK winning the race to the bottom

Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Adam has the scoop on foreign policy. The US adds Somalia to the list of countries subjected to American drones as Pakistan orders US military to end all drone strikes. US troops are still dying in Iraq even though that war is supposed to be over and the protests over pension reform breaks out in the UK. Sound familiar?  Plus, China debuts the world’s longest sea bridge and DC Metro literally has a new crappy decoration on the wall of one of its stations. And Justin Timberlake now owns a social media website. Plus, starting Friday California will be taxing the internet. Alex Jones, host of The Alex Jones Radio Show gives his analysis on the TSA and Obama is called a dick on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. And it’s Jake and Adam on this one time at boot camp!