Ron Paul's audit of gold too expensive?, interview: Badnarik vs. The Supremes: What is free speech?, TSA "respectful and sensitive"?! My granny panties!, Brits vs. history

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh:

Ron Paul wants to make sure US gold is safe and that the government isn’t secretly selling all of it. 

Plus, the TSA allegedly forces a 95-year-old woman to take off her adult diaper at a security checkpoint and Texas makes thousands of dollars off items travelers leave behind.

And, Michael Badnarik, former Libertarian Party presidential nominee, talks about the Supreme Court decision regarding free speech and video games.

Plus, Luke Rudkowski goes to London to find out how much history those Brits really know.

And Adam gives a police state update showing that perhaps America shouldn’t really be called the land of the free.