Angela Keaton: Syria and the Arab Summer, Your First Paycheck, Hama, Syria: A city under siege, The Evolution of Rental Cars, D-2: It's a deal! You're still screwed!

Description: Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: After all the debt-ceiling drama, political leaders have reached a deal and it doesn’t look like the U.S. will default. But are Americans screwed regardless? Nicole Kurokawa, Executive Director of Independent Woman's Forum, weighs in with the latest regarding a debt-limit deal. Plus, a police officer responsible for mentoring children is arrested for drunk driving while pulling a DARE trailer, rental car companies are giving out deals to customers willing to drive around with advertisements on the car and Anonymous has a worldwide media blitz. Plus, Reports show that Iraq is deadlier and more dangerous this year than it was last year and Syrian troops attack and kill dozens of anti-government protesters. Adam talks to Angela Keaton of for her analysis on the unrest in Syria and the Arab Spring. And, Adam explains why young people should care where the money from their first paycheck is going.