Ron Paul takes 54 per cent in major poll, Kristine Frazao from Ames, Iowa, Kathryn Dill: Dangerous Lemonade, Jacob Feldman: Cost of Government Day

­Tonght on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Adam shares his response to the GOP debate and talks to RT correspondent Kristine Frazao from the ground in Ames, Iowa. Plus,Kathryn Dill explains how YOU can take back LEMONADE FREEDOM! And it’s Cost of Government Day! Jacob Feldman, author of the 2011 Report sits down with Adam to explain what this day is all about. Plus, it’s a war on Facebook as the Brits try cracking down on social media and Anonymous looks to take Facebook offline. And, Adam reads viewer comments to find out whether YOU think it’s time to boycott Sony.