Raw milk: you can pump it

­Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Raw milk: you can pump it, enjoy it, and give it away, but you can't legally sell it. Just like sex. A group of terrorists gathered at Upper Senate Park by the US Capitol to: MILK A COW! Since they weren't taking any money for it, it wasn't quite illegal, but Adam has got two of the evil masterminds behind this rebellious act of teat squeezing in the studio. In Israel yesterday, rocks were met again with bullets and Adam is joined by Anna Baltzer, National Organizer with the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, and Marc Gopin, Professor of Religion, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution, and Director of the Center on Religion, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University. Adam also shares some of his exclusive drug war interview with US Attorney General Eric Holder before a full reaction from Law Enforcement against Prohibition.