Your desk job is killing you, killer chickens, NFL, paying for your own bread and circuses. National Dance Day? Norton doesn't get it, US gov’t to world: We're broke! Can we pay you in Clintons?

Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Do you want some poison with your chicken? Well apparently arsenic in chicken is FDA approved. And if you don’t die from the poison in chickens, sitting at your desk at work may end up killing you anyway. Plus, Apple is rethinking some of its applications that help find DUI checkpoints all thanks to a certain senator. Plus, find out the newest political position Hillary Clinton may have her eyes on. Luke Rudkowski gives an update on Bilderberg. Craig Dixon, political blogger at, previews the GOP debate. And Adam reads you the viewer comments. Plus, the NFL is taking your money to build its franchise and Eleanor Holmes Norton takes a page from Adam’s dancing playbook.