Countdown to D-Day, Obama stabs dispensaries in the back, Don't raise taxes, keep closing businesses! YTV: We just discovered body cavities!

­Tonight on Adam vs the Man with Adam Kokesh: The countdown is on! D-22 days until the US defaults. So will anything ever come out of Obama’s discussions? Plus, Ben X explains how to run a pot dispensary without getting busted while the US government spends its time regulating people out of business. And Jake and Adam talk about military pension cuts as well as Panetta’s visit to Iraq and Afghanistan on this one time at boot camp. Plus, China calls out the US on spending too much money on its military and the Obama administration cuts off aid to the Pakistani military. And pro-government protesters in Syria turn their sights on the American and French embassies. Plus, Adam reads viewer comments. Tell him what you think about the show and he may read your comment on air!