Medvedev meets Armenia's President

While meeting the Armenian President Serg Sarkisyan, Dmitry Medvedev invited him to pay an official visit to Russia in coming months, which the visiting leader accepted. Sarkisyan stressed Armenia’s good relations with R

DM: Dear Serzh Azatovich, I’m glad to see you in St Petersburg. It’s our second meeting lately and I’d like once again to congratulate you on your new job, we’ve only recently been elected to our new posts, so I use the opportunity to invite you to the Russian Federation for an official visit. Within a few months whenever you have time, we’ll be glad to see you in Moscow for proper negotiations to continue our successful and close co-operation that is highlighting our friendship.

SS: Thank you, Dmitry Anatolievich, I also congratulate you with your new post as the Russian president. I’m sure we’ll be able to strengthen our relations even more. Good relations result from our people’s will and that’s why we’re always interested in them. Thank you really for the invitation, it was really a good opportunity to discuss the present situation and future prospects. Thank you.