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Govt reports successful execution of Putin’s ‘May Orders’ program

Govt reports successful execution of Putin’s ‘May Orders’ program
The Russian government has released a detailed report on the timely and successful execution of the major program of the country’s development, laid out by President Vladimir Putin in 2012 and known as the May Orders.

The document was published on Thursday, in view of the special session of Russia’s State Council and the Special Commission for monitoring the progress in reaching the key objectives in the nation’s development outlined by the president.

The document consists of several parts, dedicated to the implementation of orders concerning the long-term economic policy, the social sphere, the defense sector, state management and foreign policy.

The authors of the report write that Russian legislators have passed at least 88 federal laws and over 470 legal acts aimed at perfecting the strategic planning in Russia’s economic sector. The government and parliament also introduced major changes to the pension system and introduced 1,004 new professional standards.

They also claim that successful fulfillment of the program based on the May Orders brought about a reduction of the mortality rate in 2016 compared to 2015. Russian entrepreneurs completed and launched 16 new pharmaceutical plants and increased pharma production by almost 24 percent.

The report states that the Russian defense sector has made a large step forward. In particular noting a major increase in the proportion of contract servicemen in the military forces. The weapons industry came up with the concept of a system that would manage the whole cycle of weapons’ research and development, running in and production. The Foundation for Perspective Research – the organization that develops new types of weapons and military hardware – also completed its work on 12 major projects and sealed contracts on realizing 52 more projects.

The mentioned projects are aimed at creating key elements of new generation of weapons, military and special hardware that are expected to be produced in 2025-2030,” the report says.

In a bid to perfect the system of state management local administrations launched thousands of new computerized centers for working with citizens’ documents and the share of Russians who use the internet to receive official papers is on the increase. 

The report also reads that lawmakers are now putting together a large portfolio of bills that would regulate the nation’s foreign policy course, such as the concept for strengthening of the resource and staff potential of the Foreign Ministry and the Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States and Russians living abroad.

Speaking at the Thursday session of the State Council, President Putin said that the national program on realization of May Orders had managed to intensify positive changes in the country and strengthen the partnership of all levels of state power and civil society. However, the president also noted that the number of unresolved issues exceeds the number of the resolved ones.

During the same session, one of the leaders of the Russian pro-Putin movement United Popular Front, Aleksey Anisimov, said that he and his colleagues thought that of 179 of Putin’s principal orders, only 35 can be considered fulfilled. One hundred more orders have been fulfilled in part and 44 orders have not been fulfilled at all. He also said that the United Popular Front was constantly monitoring the execution of the problem and promised that the movement’s experts would soon present a full report based on this monitoring.

The May Orders were first presented by Putin in early May 2012, soon after his inauguration as president of Russia. The program consists of 218 principal points concerning the country’s social and economic development. Most of the orders must be executed by 2018. In May 2014, the government reported that 121 presidential orders had been fulfilled in two years.