US media: Ideological arm of American foreign policy – Russia

US media: Ideological arm of American foreign policy – Russia
Moscow will stop ignoring human rights violations in the United States, a high-ranking Duma official said on Monday.

Russia has spoiled the Americans by keeping silent about (human rights) violations for the past 20 years, Alexei  Pushkov, the head of the State Duma's international  affairs committee told reporters on the sidelines of a parliamentary hearing on human rights in America.

“Yeltsin tried to make (Bill) Clinton laugh and he just laughed at us,” the Duma official said. “In short, we courted US favor, to gain its approval and they (the Americans) got accustomed to that; now, whenever we mention flagrant human rights violations in the US they are shocked and think we go too far," Pushkov noted.

The United States should honor human rights itself before trying to lecture other countries on these principles, he added.

The Duma official then slammed the US authorities’ criticism over Russia’s ‘shortage of media freedom.’

When the US was attempting to justify the war in Iraq, "the entire US media claimed the country had nuclear weapons," he recalled, a claim that turned out to be blatantly false. Today, a similar situation is unraveling with regard to Syria as “the Americans are taking an absolutely one-sided position and their media acts as if it were an ideological arm of US” foreign policy.

The head of the Duma International Affairs Committee then pointed to events in Libya, where rebels ousted former Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi. The US media alleged Gaddafi was guilty of murdering 6,000 Libyan citizens, he said, “but the bodies were never found and the theme was forgotten."

"The single voice of the US media is startling,” he continued. “It shows that the media simply serves the policy of the national authorities."

Commenting briefly on the presidential race in the United States, Pushkov said that in the event that the Republican challenger Mitt Romney defeated the incumbent Barack Obama, there would be an "obvious regress" for the American people.

Robert Bridge, RT