From November 9 to November 13, 2007 Yury Levada’s Analytical Centre (“Levada-Centre”) carried out an opinion poll interviewing Russian citizens in their homes. The poll covered a sample of 1,600 people in 128 populated areas of 46 regions of

Question: “Which of the political forces do you sympathise with at the moment: the communists, ‘the democrats’, ‘the patriots’, ‘the ruling party’, other centrist forces?”

Question: “If the elections to the Russian State Duma were held next Sunday would you take part in them? If yes, which of the political parties would you vote for?”

United Russia 67% (of those planning to take part in the election on December 2, excluding those, who still haven’t chosen a party);
The Communist Party of Russia 14%;
The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) 6%;
Fair Russia 4%;
The Agrarian Party 3%;
The Democratic Party Yabloko 2%;
The Union of Right Forces (SPS) 1%;
The Civil Force party 1%;
The Democratic Party of Russia <1%;
The Party of Social Justice <1%;
The Patriots of Russia party <1%.