North Korea talks war in UN

North Korea has warned that any rebuke from the UN over the alleged sinking of a South Korean navy ship in April could provoke a military response.

The North's envoy to the UN rejected the findings of an international investigation into the incident and said that “A war may break out at any time.” The message given by the North Korean ambassador to the UN was very clear. He said, in essence, that if the international community strikes North Korea, the latter will strike back.

Of course, this was referring to the accusations sounded by South Korea following an investigation that North Korea was responsible for a torpedo attack on a South Korean warship, killing 46 sailors.

The North Korean ambassador warned that any measures taken by the UN Security Council provoking North Korea or holding it responsible for the attack would lead North Korea to respond using its military might.

This is the strongest language which has been heard coming from North Korea outlining how it would respond. North Korea insists it is a victim of “a plan that has been concocted by South Korea and the US.”

The North Korean ambassador insists that evidence against his country was fabricated in order to provoke North Korea.