Interview with Vladimir Sotnikov

Vladimir Sotnikov, an analyst from the Institute of World Economy and International Relations in Moscow, joined RT to comment on Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s visit to Tehran.

“I think the main reason for Russian FM Sergey Lavrov’s visit to Iran is the change of the chief negotiator with the European Troika, Mr Larijani, who had actually resigned from the post, and a new person was appointed. I think that this is a crucial thing for continuing negotiations between Iran and the five powers, plus Germany. And probably Mr Lavrov would like to discuss this with his Iranian counterpart. The second reason, I think, as usual, and as it was during Mr Putin’s visit to Iran, is further co-operation on the Bushehr power plant. There were some problems with this project – financing from the Iranian side and the actual commissioning of the nuclear power plant. These are the two reasons for the visit,” Vladimir Sotnikov said.