Interview with Viktor Linnik

Georgian police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the protesting opposition in the capital Tbilisi. Viktor Linnik, Editor-in-Chief of the Slovo weekly newspaper, commented on the unexpected violence in the country.

“In the past fifteen years this is the third example of an attempt to violently overthrow the government in Georgia. This demonstration was peaceful to the very end, but we remember the dethronement of Gamsakhurdia in 1993.  We remember the dethronement of Shevardnadze by Saakashvili four years ago.  And once these massive demonstrations start across the country, it’s not just Tbilisi which is involved.  We should not forget the whole picture of Georgia. I think Saakashvili would have to leave,” Mr Linnik said.

He spoke together with RT’s political commentator Peter Lavelle.