Interview with Tatyana Malkina

As governmental crisis in Georgia unfolds, political analyst Tatyana Malkina came to the RT studio to share her view on President Saakashvili's decree to conduct a presidential vote in January.

“Quite honestly, I felt a definite relief, because it felt such a mess in Tbilisi last night. I don’t make much out it. From my point of view, Saakashvili’s decision was made under the enormous pressure of the riots, or whatever we should call them. It's a kind of compromise. I don’t think that Mr. Saakashvili has a great record of making compromises. I think that was his informal, personal decision to go ahead and have a vote of confidence, to feel more comfortable. Plus, it’s obvious that besides what was happening in Tbilisi, he went under a lot of pressure from all his allies abroad.” she said.

"There is no way they can seriously prepare for a presidential or parliamentary election in two months. Speaking of the Georgian opposition, I don’t think we are dealing with anything united, consolidated or too rational. It’s quite early and it's impossible to say who's going to be their candidate and what the programme will be, because I think the main feature of this political crisis in Georgian politics is the rather irrational nature of it. I am not sure that the demands of the opposition were really met, but at least they got something. They made Saakashvili take some formal step towards them.