Interview with Sergey Sanakoev

Sergey Sanakoev, from the Russian-Chinese Centre for Economic and Trade Cooperation spoke to Russia Today on the possible outcome of the Chinese Foreign Minister’s official visit to Russia.

Russia Today: Obviously, ties between Russia and China have been growing over the years, particularly as China is seeking to fuel a stable growth of its economy and production as well. Beijing appears to be lobbying for a pipeline to go directly from Russia to the Chinese border. But what sort of indication are we having so far that Russia will prefer China to such a country as Japan?

Sergey Sanakoev: The most important thing is that we are not talking about the chance of it, but this is the fact. All these matters have been already solved and right now this pipeline is already in construction. So, I think in fact it will be constructed very quickly.

RT: China is also Russia’s largest buyer of military equipment. In the past we have seen joint military operations taking place between Russian and Chinese armies. Can you explain what level of deals have been signed between the two countries? Are we expecting any kind of growing relations between these two armies in the future? Will there be more military co-operation?

S.S.: Let's talk about civil production because I am not an expert in military equipment. But if we are talking about civil production, now the most important is to build up, to increase the share of machinery in our trade because the level we have in machinery trade is not satisfactory for us.

RT: So you feel that it does not satisfy Russia? What is Russia expecting in return?

S.S.: First of all, we expect to increase our trade particularly by the machinery. At the last summit which was held in Moscow in March, Mr Putin and Mr Hu Jintao agreed that both sides will establish special Russian-Chinese chambers for machinery. And now we are preparing the deal and in September we will sign the contract . Mr Aleksandr Shokhin, of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs will be the Chairman of this Chamber from the Russian side.

RT: You have mentioned various forms of goods that exist in the current trade between Russia and China, of course weapons are there. How do you valuate ordinary relations, China is a huge neighbour to Russia, another huge country?

S.S.: We are friends. This is the most important – to be friendly.

RT: And how do you valuate this meeting of foreign ministers in Moscow? What could be the outcome of this meeting?

S.S.: I think there will be the best relations and the best decisions.