Interview with Quentin Peel

Quentin Peel, the FT International Affairs Editor commented for Russia Today on the future balance of power in Russia after Dmitry Medvedev was proposed as a presidential candidate and wished to see Vladimir Putin as future PM.

“I'm not sure that we can be quite certain that Putin will take up the job of Prime Minister. I think people here are quite worried at the thought of Russia with two power centres. The feeling is from Russian history going the way back it seems that country has never worked with two power centres. One power centre in the Kremlin is a natural form of government of Russia,” he said.

“When Medvedev was announced as a candidate for the presidency everybody instantly said that it proves that Putin is going to remain the real power behind the throne. Medvedev was his Chief of Staff. He is very much the man who's always been in the background as Putin's assistant. From that point of view I suppose no surprise to hear that Putin will have a major role. Nonetheless a slight surprise to think he would be prime minister which after all has a lot less power than the president,” Peel added.

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