Interview with Pavel Kruglyakovsky

Interview with Pavel Kruglyakovsky
Pavel Kruglyakovsky, a political analyst from the Party of Regions which supports the Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, joined Russia Today to comment on the country's political situation and on the possible results from a working group, set up

Russia Today: How likely is that this special working group will find a way of settling the political crisis in Ukraine?

Pavel Kruglyakovsky: The working group will have to come to terms. The establishment of this group has become possible after all the legal means were already used in the struggle between the opposition and the ruling coalition and the Ukrainian Parliament agreed in principle for the parliamentary election to be held before December 9. It is obvious that the negotiations are held between two leaders – President Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich. The working group is aimed at legalising the future agreements.

RT: What are the main stumbling blocks between the opposition and the governing coalition?

P.K.: At present the stumbling block is the date of the early election. The opposition insists on the election to be held in July but the governing coalition wants it to be held in autumn.

RT: It's been said that Prime Minister Yanukovich only agreed on an early parliamentary election because President Yushchenko promised to appoint him for another term. So, why has the Prime Minister agreed on a compromise and when can we expect an early election to be held?

P.K.: I would agree with this idea because at present most experts believe that there is a secret agreement between Mr Yushchenko and Mr Yanukovich. But after some time we will be able to learn what the agreements are about through the resolution of the working group or during preparations for the early election.