Interview with Johanes Bosco Widodo

Johanes Bosco Widodo from the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow shared with Russia Today his thoughts about the upcoming Russian-Indonesian Forum in Jakarta.

Russia Today: Apart from the two leaders, who else is expected to meet at the business forum? 

Johanes Bosco Widodo: In the afternoon, about 250 Russian and Indonesian businessmen will gather for the forum, which will be attended by presidents Vladimir Putin and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. There will  be deals struck between the Indonesian state-owned company Pertamina and the Russian oil company Lukoil, as well as between Indonesia’s state-owned mining company Aneka Tambang, and Russia’s aluminium giant Rusal. We also expect new agreements between Russian and Indonesian banks and heavy equipment producers. The forum will become a good opportunity for businessmen to discuss the issues they are interested in with the presidents. 

RT: What does Russia have that Indonesia wants, and vice versa?

J.W.: Russia has huge energy resources and is interested in exporting them. Indonesia, for its part, is keen on attracting more foreign investors to the country. Speaking about long-term prospects, we would like to have closer relations with Russia. Russia was one of the first countries to acknowledge our independence and we still remember this.