Interview with Irina Kobrinskaya

With Medvedev and Putin as Russian President and Prime Minister, domestic and foreign policy will be sustainable and predictable, according to Irina Kobrinskaya from the Institute of World Economy and International Relations.

“First, which is positive, it means that power in Russia, the political regime, the policy will be predictable and sustainable. This is, I think, a positive fact for the West. There will be no drastic changes. However strange it may look for the West – a candidate, which was not elected, already says, that the Prime Minister will be the current President, it is constitutional. First the President nominates the PM, then his candidacy is considered by the Parliament. Even if it is done too early, even if its the first step, even if there will be other intrigues, but still there is a message of sustainability. And we know what President Putin will do after March 2008. I don't think the reaction will be negative. The worst thing for Russia now in the eyes of the West is unpredictability. This time there will be no changes, no surprises,” Kobrinskaya said.