Interview with Eduard Kokoity

The president of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity told RT that Kosovo’s independence would mean West’s double standards of resolving territorial disputes.

“Without a doubt, recognition of this or that state is a very important and responsible international step. A lot is said about the situation in Kosovo. But a universal approach should be created and be taken to recognize the sovereignty of this or that state.

In the case of Kosovo, it could serve as a precedent for recognition of South Ossetia. And there must be no double standards which is unfortunately the case elsewhere in the world – in respect of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. In the particular case of South Ossetia, it is a small separated nation.

In comparison with other precedents – if we are talking about political and legal grounds – in this matter South Ossetia has much more of a legal basis for recognition. Because we are a small and separated nation – and this is more of a humanitarian than political matter.

Today the Georgian side is displaying nothing other than aggression and threats towards Abkhazia and South Ossetia. All our efforts to achieve a peaceful settlement in the conflict and all our proposals are being ignored by the Georgian side.

Georgia is taking a very aggressive stand. And this is also confirmed by the fact – expressed by Georgia's ex-defense minister, that there were plans for a military invasion into South Ossetia in order to return it to Tbilisi's authority. But there is still the possibility to negotiate over this problem. And once again we call on Georgia, and other states interested in resolving the conflict, to begin normal and constructive dialogue which will be important for stability not only of Georgia and South Ossetia, but for the whole Caucasian region,” Kokoity said.