Interview with Dmitry Vydrin

Interview with Dmitry Vydrin
Dmitry Vydrin, a political analyst and member of the Ukrainian parliament from the Yulia Timoshenko bloc, gave RT his view on the political situation in Ukraine.

Russia Today: After the package of recommendations has been studied by the President and Prime Minister, the parliament will debate it. When can we expect that to happen since the committee seems to be taking longer than expected to come up with its recommendations?

D.V.: Nobody can answer this question in Ukraine and beyond Ukraine, especially. It was supposed to be that the procedure for considering the documents by the Rada would not take so long, but it's taken more than one month.

RT: Why have the President and Prime Minister finally come to a compromise after more than a month of political stand-off? And why are the details being kept private?

D.V.: The compromise was found only on the issue of the early elections. Here the compromise ends. The sides haven