Interview with Adi Ignatius

Adi Ignatius from Time magazine spoke to RT on what behind their decision to name President Putin Person of the Year.

“We just tried to acknowledge that President Putin has achieved results in bringing stability to Russia as when he took Russia over the economy was falling apart. By the way, this is not endorsement, this is not a popularity contest. He, more than any other individual really affected the news in 2007. Normally, when a magazine like Time meets with a world leader, the world leader tries to be very charming, appreciating, tries to win us over with his charm. President Putin does not do that. He was really humourless, he was very direct, he was very aggressive at times. This is not a sort of friendly happy interview. He was very serious in  outlining the issues that Russia cares about. He got really angry at times talking about what he feels when the U.S. often treats Russia as an inferior. So, he really got very agitated, it was an unusual interview, it was very interesting interview and he gave us three and a half hours of his time – so, it was a very long interview ,” summed up Ignatius.