“US exhausted their capabilities of sanctions against Iran”

America has already sanctioned everything possible in terms of US-Iran economic relations, says Aleksandr Pikaev from the Institute of World Economy and International Relations.

As for the Europeans, they have other things to sanction, but there is clear disagreement on that between leading European countries, Pikaev added.

As far as the recently revealed second Iranian enrichment facility is concerned, the issue was exaggerated, Pikaev believes.

“The Western intelligence failed to find the facility timely, and there was some overreaction. The Iranians didn’t violate their international agreement with the IAEA. Iran informed the agency about the facility and now it is important that it would disclose all details of its intentions and its past nuclear experiments,” Pikaev said.

Talks on Tehran's nuclear ambitions began on Thursday between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany.